Solon wants bigger motorcycle license plates to curb riding-in-tandem crimes Empey Empey

Hoping to curb crimes committed by criminals riding in tandem on motorcycles and scooters, Sen. Richard Gordon has filed Senate Bill No. 1128 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017 which seeks to increase the size of motorcycle lice plates "to minimize riding-in-tandem crimes."

According to Gordon, numerous crimes have been perpetrated by suspects riding-in-tandem  on motorcycles but witnesses couldn't provide the license plate number "because the plate number is too small and it cannot be seen properly."

"This is why there are many riding-in-tandem crimes," he added. "Criminals are brave because they can quickly escape. Let’s make plate numbers bigger so that they will be easy to read."

Based on the bill, motorcycle license plates should be big enough to be legible "from a distance of between 12 to 15 meters," and must be placed both in the front and rear part of the motorcycle. It also mandates the LTO to devise a color scheme for the plate numbers for every region to easily identify where the motorcycle was registered. The agency will also devise an alphanumeric system for easier identification and recollection by the general public, "whether seen by day or night."

Furthermore, the bill instructs the LTO to provide police authorities on a 24/7 basis a list of all the registered motorcycles and scooters including, but not limited to, the following: the name of the registered owner, the number of his driver’s license, his address and contact details, vehicle identification number, plate number, body color, and brand/manufacturer.

Under the proposed measure, persons committing a crime through or with a backrider or backriders face life imprisonment while the motorcycle or scooter used in the commission of the crime shall be confiscated and forfeited in favor of the government.