2016 is Honda's best year ever for the ASEAN region

The year 2016 marked Honda's best year ever in the ASEAN region (Southeast Asia) as the Japanese carmaker sold 421,832 units for the year--a seven percent increase over 2015's sales of 405,832 units.

Indonesia led the sale for the region with its highest-ever sales of 190,229 units, which make up 44 percent of Honda's overall ASEAN sales. The sales figure also marks a 14 percent increase over last year's sales, with the increase being attributed to the Honda HR-V, Honda Brio Satya, Honda Mobilio, and the recently-introduced Honda BR-V. As a result of Honda's growth in Indonesia, the car manufacturer now hold 18 percent of the local market, "the highest market share for any country among Honda's automobile operators worldwide," as well as Honda's fourth biggest in its worldwide automobile sales ranking for the first time in 2016. 

Thailand's 107, 342 sales for 2016 makes it the second biggest contributor to Honda's sales in the region at 25 percent. Malaysia took third place in the region with 2016's sales at 91,830 units while locally, it captured 16 percent of the market--the second-highest market share after Indonesia for Honda's global automobile operations.

Honda's sales in the Philippines and Vietnam for 2016 are also its all-time highest for the respective countries, with the former selling 23,199 units to reflect a 20 percent increase to 2015's sales while the latter sold 11,501 units for a 38 percent sales growth. At the tail-end was Singapore with 7,067 units sold for a 98 percent growth for 2016.

Model-wise, the all-new Honda Civic led the brand for the region with its sales for the entire region climbing up by nearly 200 percent. The recently-launched Honda BR-V sold 45,106 units in 2016 and accounted for over 10 percent of Honda's ASEAN sales in the region.  Volume-wise, however, the Honda HR-V was the most popular for 2016 with 87,221 units sold. The Honda City and Honda Jazz were a close second- and third-place at 72,530 units and 58,509 units sold throughout the 2016, respectively.

"Honda will continue providing customers in ASEAN countries with attractive, high-quality products to maintain 2016’s strong sales momentum into the year 2017," the carmaker said in a statement.