The Ferrari 812 is Superfast, and we're not kidding

Ferrari has revealed what its next-generation V12 berlinetta supercar is and it's the Ferrari 812 Superfast which the Italian carmaker described as "the most powerful and fastest Ferrari in the marque’s history."

Set to make its public debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 812 Superfast celebrates the 70th anniversary of Ferrari's foray into V12 engines which started with the 1.5-liter mill of the very first Ferrari car: the Ferrari 125 S.

According to the Italian carmaker, the 812 Superfast ushers in a new era in Ferrari's history with its 12-cylinder cars and builds on the legacies of its predecessors, the F12berlinetta and its track-focused version, the F12tdf, and that is to give its clients "the most powerful and exclusive Ferrari in the range: an uncompromising sports car that will deliver exhilarating driving both on road and track yet also be comfortable enough to allow its owners to enjoy it as an all-round experience."

A new 6.5-liter V12 engine that puts out 789 hp and 718 Nm of torque resides under the lengthy bonnet, with 80 percent of the power available on tap at just 3,500 rpm, and its maximum power output at 8,500 rpm or 121 hp per liter, "figures that no other front-engined production car has ever even come near to delivering and which ensure the kind of thrilling top-end performance that is the exclusive characteristic of Ferrari’s noble V12 heritage." Paired to this is a dual-clutch transmission with specific gear ratios which, combined with shorter up and down-shifting times between gears, sharpens throttle response even further. Combined, the 812 Superfast's drivetrain propels it to a top speed of at least 340 kph with the zero to 100 kph sprint dispatched in 2.9 seconds.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast promises unparalleled handling and roadholding as it is the first model in the Italian marque to feature Electric Powers Steering which is expected to fully exploit the car's potential. Together with the latest version of Ferrari's patented Side Slip Control system and Ferrari's new Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 system, Ferrari's latest supercar is supposedly "easier to handle and even more thrilling to exploit."

Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the 812 Superfast takes some styling cues from previous front-engined V12 Ferraris like the high-tailed design of the Daytona. The flanks though have been rendered to visually shorten the tail while the muscular wheel arches "imbue the 812 Superfast with the power and aggression warranted by its imposing V12." The four round taillights complete the design signature taken from classic Ferraris. 

Of course, more than the design, aerodynamics take the center stage in Ferrari's creation of the 812 Superfast, starting with the sculpted air intakes on the bonnet followed by the active flaps at the front of the underbody, and finally, the rear flank which has an aerodynamic bypass to increase downforce. 

At its launch, the Ferrari 812 Superfast will be finished in Rosso Settanta, a special new color which marks the company’s 70th anniversary.