Would you buy a pickup with an extended cab if it was offered locally?

Pickup trucks with an extended or super cab configurations were once the norm in the 1980s. It was only overshadowed in the 1990s when the crew cab pickup became the popular choice for those who wanted a good mix of passenger- and cargo-carrying capacity.

Nowadays, if you want a single cab pickup, you'll have to order it as a fleet or for commercial purposes only. In Isuzu Philippines' case though, it's mulling over the idea of bringing back the extended cab configuration for the D-Max pickup.

IPC has seen how popular extended cab pickups are in Thailand compared to crew cabs, and since it has a longer cargo bed, it can accommodate more cargo that the shortened bed of the crew cab can't. And since the extended cab essentially only has two doors, it can be priced significantly lower than crew cabs.

So, do you think the local market is ready for the comeback of extended cab pickup trucks?