Petron launches High Temperature Protection line of lubricants

© Patrick Everett Tadeo for Carmudi Philippines

© Patrick Everett Tadeo for Carmudi Philippines

Petron Corporation recently launched a new line of lubricants targeted specifically for high-performance vehicles. Dubbed as Petron HTP (short for High Temperature Protection), the line is “scientifically formulated to address vehicle stress during extreme heat.”

For the Petron HTP launch salvo, the petroleum company rolled out the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Premium HTP, the Brake Fluid HTP DOT4, and the Grease HTP Lithium Complex.

Petron claims that the ATF has a higher viscosity index than similar fluids, resists sludge formation and degradation caused by oxidation due to its superior oxidative stability, stays clean longer even at high temperatures because it has better thermal stability, is less volatile by resisting evaporation even when exposed to high temperatures, and dissipates heat better by spreading it around to keep the transmission cooler longer.

The Brake Fluid, meanwhile, has a dry boiling point of 230-degrees Celsius--higher than the 205-degree Celsius limit of DOT 3 types--which keeps the brakes in optimum condition for safer and more efficient braking even when used heavily. As for the Grease, its 260-degrees Celsius dropping point is significantly higher than the 190-degrees Celsius of other brands, allowing it to remain effective longer even when exposed to high temperatures.

According to Petron Vice President for National Sales Billy Centeno, the petroleum company will roll out more products for the Petron HTP line later this year.