Hyundai PH brings in 15-seater Hyundai Grand Starex Super Express

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, finally has a variant that can be used for commuter services--the Hyundai Grand Starex Super Express, which the company brought in “in response to the fast-growing commuting needs of mobile Filipinos.”

A commercial version of the popular Grand Starex van, the 15-seater Grand Starex Super Express was supposedly engineered “with the Filipino commuters and drivers in mind,” which means the new Starex variant addresses the challenges commuters face on a daily basis, like commuting in a tightly-enclosed space, sitting on back-breaking seats, and inconveniencing other passengers as you get on and off the vehicle.

With its wide interior space, the Grand Starex Super Express gives more leg and hip room for its occupants than nearly--if not, all-- commuter vans available in the market today. Helping to make the vehicle’s interior space even more useful and versatile is that the bench-type rear seats can be folded up to turn it into a cargo vehicle than can accept long, tall, and wide cargos.

Passenger comfort is also placed at a premium in the Grand Starex Super Express since it has air condition vents from the front seats and all the way to the last row to keep everyone cool and comfortable during their commute.

What makes the Grand Starex Super Express stand apart from other commuter vans though is that it has dual sliding doors--one on each side--that would allow passengers to enter and exit the vehicle from either side, a “game-changer in the transport industry.”

Powering the Grand Starex Super Express is the same trusty 2.5-liter TCI diesel engine that powers most Starex models you see on the street, and since it sits under the hood in front of the vehicle, engine noise and heat is isolated from the cabin.

The Grand Starex Super Express is now available at Hyundai dealers at P1.398 million and comes with a three-year or 100,000km warranty, “a premium benefit for vehicles used for commercial purposes.”