Carl Dy: Driven to Succeed

After your house, a car is said to be the second-most expensive investment you’ll ever make. After all, a car’s retail price goes from around P500,000 to just below P2 million--and that doesn’t include the brands from Europe and America, mind you.

Still, when you put your mind to it--and considering the price disparity between a car and a house--having a car as your goal is much more attainable, even more so if it’s within your reach. For entrepreneur Carl Dy, a car like the Lexus NX became one of the driving forces that pushed him to where he is at now as the president of property portfolio management company Spectrum Investments.

Fresh out of college, Carl joined Ayala Land where he climbed his way up the corporate ladder until he reached the comfortable and lofty position as the sales director of Ayala Land Premier, the upscale real-estate developer of Ayala Land. With more than 10 years in the company under his belt though, Carl wanted something new, something different; he wanted to get out of his comfort zone and face new challenges. So with some money he set aside for a rainy day, and despite his wife being five months pregnant with their third daughter, Carl left the corporate life behind and became an entrepreneur who works right out of his house. 

You can read about Carl and his Lexus NX in the February 2017 issue of Carmudi Magazine Philippines.